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Tractorbeam is built and supported by TEN7—we create and care for Drupal-powered websites. We talk about Tractorbeam extensively in episode 93 of The TEN7 Podcast with @socketwench titled Tractorbeam: Our open source multi-tier backup solution

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How TEN7 uses Tractorbeam

Tractorbeam forms a core part of TEN7’s services, powering each and every website backup. Some TEN7 clients are hosted in a Kubernetes cloud at DigitalOcean, while others are at Pantheon or even All clients have at least two geographically redundant backups at all times:

  • DigitalOcean clients get local backups and two off-site backups in two different geographic locations (AWS S3 on the east coast and Google Cloud all over the US)
  • Pantheon and already have their own respective vendor backups, but we provide three geographically redundant backups at DigitalOcean, AWS and Google Cloud.

If you’re in need of an Enterprise website backup solution, we’re happy to help, just contact us.