Open source multi-tier website backups

Tractorbeam is a Docker container that can back up your entire website from a variety of hosts to S3-compatible object stores like AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, Ceph Object Storage, and more. All libraries and utilities are built in to the container, so there’s nothing more you need.

If your website’s host already has backups, why do you need Tractorbeam?

Because your host’s backups are likely in the same place as your site. What if something happens to that data center? Your site and your backups might be compromised. It always makes good business sense to have off-site backups. Tractorbeam can help you get there!

Using Tractorbeam

Run the single shot container on your own infrastructure, see for details.


  • Tractorbeam does multi-tier backups daily, weekly and monthly
    By default, Tractorbeam keeps seven daily backups, four weekly backups and twelve monthly backups.
  • Tractorbeam can write backups to any S3-compatible hosting provider
    DigitalOcean, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage are used tested and used in production.
  • Tractorbeam keeps a set number of backups
    The value of backups decrease the older they get. Tractorbeam automatically prunes backups before uploading to S3.
  • Tractorbeam works with most hosts
    If there’s SSH access, Tractorbeam will most likely work for you. It backs up any files you configure as well as MySQL and MariaDB databases. Pantheon and is also supported and works out of the box.
  • Tractorbeam is free and open source, so you have complete ownership of and access to your backups
    You only have to pay for the server Tractorbeam runs on, and the storage of the backups themselves.
  • Tractorbeam does not care which CMS you use
    If you have SSH access to your site’s files, and it uses MySQL or MariaDB, Tractorbeam will back it up. So, it works with Drupal, Wordpress, Expression Engine, custom PHP apps, Laravel and more. Need support? Let us know how we can help!


Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Free!

It’s free to use Tractorbeam, but you will need to pay to host your backups somewhere. For example, if you were to use Digital Ocean, you could pay $5/mo for a droplet and $5/mo for Spaces (their S3 storage) and be done.

That’s $10/mo for 250GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth: more than enough for numerous websites.